Fast absorbing lotion with integrity and a really unique and pleasing scent that I will purchase again.

Bought this lotion on a whim. I'd never heard of the company, let alone smelled it, but I wanted to try something new and I'm really happy I did. I have pretty dry skin overall and this absorbed nearly instantly. Even with dry skin some lotion seem to sit on top, but this one sunk without feeling heavy or greasy. It's consistency is very light and silky, rather than thick like a shea butter. And they nailed the scent. I generally tend to stay away from strong floral scents, and I knew jasmine can be kind of a heavy hitter, but I don't find it overpowering at all. They were still able to keep it light and wearable, and at the same time keep it fresh, because I can't say it reminds me of anything else! I'm already planning on stocking up because everything I love seems to be discontinued.

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