Will order again!!

Like some other reviews point out I bought it due the novelty of the name. Once it arrived I thought about just keeping it as a conversation piece. Instead I used it as intended. Let it be known at this point that I am a big box store kinda guy and often just buy what's on sale. So my first impression is that the bar is black with flakes if what appears to be oatmeal. It makes a dark lather but rinses clean. It also leaves black streaks in the shower but they also rinse clean. My only complaint is the oatmeal causes it to have an abrasive feel that can be uncomfortable on certain areas. After about a week of using the soap my wife says I no longer have "scratchy" elbows and my skin feels softer. She also likes the subtle scent that doesn't interfere with colognes. By the way I got the pine tar.

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