I wanted to like it but was just "Meh."

It works fine. I used it multiple times on my beard. I have a full beard and mustache that I've been growing for five months now. I have had a goatee and mustache for years. Usually I just use Kirkland shampoo and conditioner. I mean, hair is hair. Right? Prior to using shampoo and conditioner on my goatee, I got flakes and dandruff from my facial hair. Today, I use the shampoo, conditoner, and beard oil. I have not had any flakes or dandruff since this regimen. So, I gave this beard wash a try. It smells nice, but not very strong. It works well enough. But it is not better than shampoo and conditoner which is much less expensive.

For me, I can't see buying it. I can't give it a bad review, either. Buy some beard oil instead from Birchbox and use a good shampoo a conditioner

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