Worst water "filter" ever

You will find many so called reviews for the Soma online, but most are just marketing hype discussing it's aesthetics and eco-friendly background. They don't mention it's failure at it's primary purpose - being a functional water filter.

Go to fill it and unless you use an extremely gentle stream the water will reflect off of the top and spill everywhere. Not a one time thing, expect this repeatedly.

Even with a very gentle fill water will still collect on the top of the filter, so every time you go to pour a glass it will slop over your hand/pants/etc. Expect this to happen often, as even a topped off fill won't get you two large glasses of water.

The most prominent issue of course? The company has yet to publish that it actually filters out... anything. Chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, chemicals - isn't the whole point of a water filter to get rid of that stuff?

Don't worry, you can just go back to your old filter. It's not like they locked you into a year long prepaid subscription model. Wait...

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