The Grail of Shave Creams!!!

My husband's poor face was as rough as sandpaper, and we've tried everything on the market to find something he could shave with and not dry out his skin any more. We both love sandalwood on him so, as a last resort, I spent big for a travel set of The Art of Shaving in Sandalwood and hoped for the best. The set came with the brush, so he dove in, skeptically--horrified at what I spent on the set. To our relief, and delight, he emerged from his shave soft, smooth and smelling sassy.

This is high-grade cream, and high-quality fragrance. He found that, with the brush and daily shaving, that one jar lasts him about four months. Of course, I bought 2 more jars from Birchbox to cover him for a year. It works out well, because he can't use the lotion and oil on his face, so the rest of the kit will be used for his hands or legs if he gets dry. So all we need to buy is the shaving cream. Small price to pay for what we've spent on razors, lotions, creams, foams, and all the other nonsense. God forbid this item is discontinued.

I might try the Unscented or the Lavender for my own shaving needs. He raves about this stuff, and so do I for what it's done for his skin. A definite keeper.

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