Can I give this 1 Million Stars?!?!?! It's hard to describe the brush in just a few lines. The best recommendation I can give is to read SEVERAL reviews before buying something this expensive (for me it was worth it). WARNING!! Your skin tends to get worse before it gets better because all the dirt/oil/bacteria has to rise to the top of the skin. I started using only once or twice a week for almost a month. I had to build up to using it daily but it was totally worth it! My sister has super acne prone skin and even she can't use the acne brush so I recommend the sensitive skin brush to everyone regardless of their skin. If you're confident that you need a stronger brush, you can always bump up to a stronger brush after a couple months. Again, I love it, but the best advice I can give is to read several reviews and start out sloooow. It's worth it, but you have to be patient and can't quit just because your skin seems to get pimples brought to the surface (that's the whole point of the brush).

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