This kit isn't terrible, and if you cash in some points, it may just be worth it.

To start, I've not yet used the face wipes or the balm, as I'm saving those for my August vacation.

The soap smells great, but cannot yet attest to its cleaning power.

The watch is ok. All plastic body, so it's not a show-stopped looks-wise. Couple that with its three complementing colors, and you'll have a tough time wearing it with anything other than swim trunks. That said, it's not a shabby watch for the beach, especially when you don't want your phone to get sandy/ wet.

The blanket is a big letdown. I purchased this prior to BB putting the size measurements on the product page. It's tiny. Like, beach towel tiny. As a 6' man, this thing only comes to my shoulders, and is barely wider than my body. This blanket isn't the kind of "let me take my SO to the beach and we'll sprawl out" blanket you're probably looking for. The construction is alright though, but the top threads look like they'll come apart over time, as there's no hem or anything to keep them in.

As for the duffle, it's a mixed bag (no pun intended). While tiny (22 inches long), I like that it comes with an attached pouch for storing the pack (so it stuff into itself, so to speak). That pouch then serves an an interior pocket for knickknacks and such.

Lastly, I am not a coffee drinker, so I cannot tell you anything about the cold-brew coffee. I will give that to my SO, who can write a review down the line on that product's page.

In closing, I don't think I'd be happy at full price, but i can't complain after cashing in some long-held points. YMMV, though.

Happy travels!

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