purchased for the husbo!

I am beardless, personally but my husband has a mighty beard, which needs taming. that is why I purchased this product pack for him.
The brush is great, the stiff bristles get through hubz's beard and down to his skin distributing the natural oils outward to the ends of his bread hairs. that in itself would be cause for a positive review but there are three different products in this bag!
the conditioner smells very nice but isn't too strong to be comfortable under ones nose... Hubz was very pleased with that fact, particularly since it is a leave in product!
lastly, there is the "beard wash" it has the same light, pleasant scent as the conditioner and the hubz has easily added this to his shower regimen.

What's the consensus? Hubz's beard was noticeable softer and more manageable after only about a week of use and in another week he found that it took less wax and fiddling to curl his moustache the way he wanted it.

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