Excellent Stuff Here - Let me answer some questions

I had only used 1 facial oil before, which I did not particularly enjoy. My previous experience with facial oils have left my skin too oily throughout the day. This product however, was perfect. It had a light and clean scent, was very easy to apply, and did not leave my face feeling oily at all. I immediately returned to BB to purchase the full-size.

The directions say 3-4 drops applied to the face and neck. This is the perfect amount, but I've seen comments ranging from half this amount to double the amount. 2 drops gets the job done for me, 3 or 4 if you want more of a scent/glow from it. I haven't ventured beyond that threshold because it really isn't necessary, and the product is expensive.

The one question I couldn't find an answer to was whether to use this in lieu of an aftershave. However, I've discovered on my own that you certainly can, and probably should. I use a shaving cream with a hint of menthol and eucalyptus, so the light citrus scent and feel complement it well.

Easy to use, worth the money, can be used sparingly to the same effect, and works fantastically as an aftershave as well.

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