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I have a lot of aches & pains due to sports injuries. I was using IcyHot so much that it just stopped working for me, it did nothing. After much research I thought I would give Lucky Tiger a shot. I can tell you that I will never use anything else ever again! At first, I was skeptical because it has 3 natural ingredients, menthol, eucalyptus, & pure beeswax. Also, the price is $12 for a 1.5oz can, more than I would ever spend, but I needed something for relief. So, I bought a tin & as soon as it arrived I tried it out. It smells great, not like a medicine or "old man" at all. I used a small amount on my bad knee & right away I could feel it working. It has a nice texture, not at all greasy. It tingles and soothes as soon as you rub it in. Since then I am a believer. It's worth every penny & then some!!!

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