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I bought this not for the shampoo, but for the styling cream. I had gotten a sample of the styling cream a while ago in one of my boxes. I like it so much that I ordered this. The shampoo is okay. It smells nice, but it left my hair feeling dry. The styling cream is great! It smells nice, not feminine or overpowering with perfumes. and it has a nice smooth texture. I put a dime size in the palm of my hand & rub them together & then run my hands through my hair in all different directions to cover as much as possible & then I style it as desired. What I like the most about it is that it doesn't get crunchy like gel, it doesn't flake, & it doesn't make your hair stick together like pomade does. It leaves my hair smooth & it looks good like when I get out of the shower & towel dry it. I love it!

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