Make a girly version please!

I am a dancer and I also suffer from muscle-related back pain, so when I heard the reviews for this, I was excited to try it! I've used it several times after a long day, and while it does have a very strong cooling effect on your skin, I had two problems with it. #1. It's sticky. I want to be able to use it before bed when my muscles are most sore, but unfortunately, when I do I just feel like I can't lay down. It sticks to sheets, leaving your bed smelling like, well, that brings up problem #2: It's a VERY strong smell. Not bad. But very manly and medical and... I don't know. Not what I want to smell like. My mother even mentioned it to me after I'd first used it, and asked me why I smelled like an old man. Not what you want to hear... Haha. Unfortunately I won't be buying this again due to those things, unless they decide to make a feminine or just less strong smelling one.

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