good shave cream

I received this shave cream as a sample in my last birchbox(a few months ago). I normally use a preshave oil, badger brush, and a shave soap. So this cream will be the first I have used without the above in about a year or two. The first thing I noticed was the scent after opening the sample size jar. Very good scent. The cream texture is thick and a little slippery(it kind of slips around as you try to scoop some out with your finger). Once applied, the cream forms a thin layer. Add a little water and that's when this cream comes alive. It's like the menthol cranks up and produces a cooling effect that's stands the hairs up for a close shave. The slickness of the cream is still there giving the blade(I used a safety razor)enough glide for a irritation and nick free shave. The post shave is amazing. No dryness from this cream at all. I would have to say one thing I dislike about this creams is it's not a clean rinsing cream. You would have to rinse razor a lot(you would also need to make sure the water stays hot and running so it won't clog the drain. Ok two dislikes). If you have sensitive skin and looking for a cream that eliminates the need of a preshave oil and will not leave your skin dry, tight, and irritated; grab a jar of Schultz & Malley and make your face happy.

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