Practically Flawless

I'm pretty picky when it comes to my skincare. I used to suffer from pretty bad acne and after every imaginable treatment from chemical peels to lasers to Accutane three times, my skin is worlds different. I've come to learn which products work and don't work with my skin type. After using Ursa Major's face balm for almost six months now it has become a permanent fixture in my daily routine. Washington, DC is one of the most consistently humid places in the summer. Usually I would have to switch from Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream in the winter to the Kyoku Facial Moisturizer in the summer. Ursa Major's face balm is well balanced enough for me to use year round. I don't feel greasy or thick in the hot, humid summers and keeps me well moisturized in the dryer winters. The fragrance is nice and light, yet pleasing. Also huge bonus points for being completely natural and 82% organic. The only thing that I kind of miss with this product is not having a built-in SPF (which I understand may be in the works for Ursa Major) and the only factor preventing me from giving this product a 5-star rating.

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