An Excellent Multi Functioning Concentrated Bottle o' Bliss

Whether a daily shave or a beard, I've found this to be the most scentsational prep product ever! Firstly, its viscosity allows for the whole, "less is more" usage. On my freshly cleansed & exfoliated skin, beneath the steam of hot water, I apply a few fingerlings of this oil to my face, neck, sideburns, and rub the remaining on my nails and backs of my hands (hence Multi Functioning). I grab my hot, damp badger brush and lather up, right on top! The closest shaves of my life, even with a disposable cheapie. I like that it's more of a naturally based brand and the ingredients listed proves the point that less is best, more can be a chore, that a close shave is at its easiest and smoothest with a prep product, and with the whole entire TAOS collection being so concentrated, my bottle lasts me forever. The "scentsational" part is my skin's reaction to synthetic perfumes and this brand seems to only use essential oils which I find to be therapeutic to my skin. My wife even uses this stuff to shave, on her nails and the ends of her hair before she shampoos. Brilliant!

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