Long time using of Mitchem, now converted.

I've long used Mitchem for many reasons. First, I sweat a lot in my pits when hot, but Mitchem's high aluminum zirconium % keeps me dry. Second, I hate so many of the artificial, overpowering scents on many men's antiperspirants. If I want to have a cologne-like odor, I'll wear cologne. Someone recommended this to me, so I bought it here when I received a discount code in my e-mail. Its great at keeping me dry. It also has a masculine smell that is very subtle and won't overpower or fight with a cologne you wear. Most importantly, unlike with Mitchem, I have yet to have an irritation from this. The description isn't just bluster. Despite the high aluminum zirconium profile, whatever formulation they use is fairly gentle without losing any antiperspirant strength.

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