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Want to retain that “just-out-of-the-shower” feeling all day? Try the citrusy scent of CLEAN Shower Fresh for Men.


Birchbox Breakdown

With the exception of wine and whiskey, the best things in life are fresh: You scour the farmer’s market for the freshest produce, and yearn to wear your laundry right out of the dryer. Clean for Men hones in on this feeling, making you smell like the pinnacle of everything crisp and new—think clean sheets, brisk soap, and just-picked grapefruits, all rolled into one. And yes, it really does smell as good as it sounds.

How it Works

Top notes of ruby grapefruit and lavender lead to middle notes of clove, lime and wild raspberry, followed by a warm base of patchouli and musk.

How to Use

Spritz each wrist once, then dab on your neck if desired.

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