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If you’re a fighter, not a lover, try the Hemingway-inspired scent of Histoire de Parfums 1899.

Histoires de Parfums 1725 - 2 fl oz

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Birchbox Breakdown

Say what you will about Giancomo Casanova: The man knew how to captivate a room. So much so, that his social and romantic prowess were chosen to inspire this brilliant scent, a sweet and spicy blend that can only be described as an eau to the good life. Intense citrus top notes mingle with calming lavender, before coming to rest on a pleasing base of cedarwood and vanilla. It goes without saying that this scent is a shoo-in on date night.

How to Use

Apply sparingly to pulse points, like your wrist and neck. Avoid rubbing your wrists together: The pressure can mash up the complex layers of fragrance.

Alcohol Denat., Parfum(fragrance), Aqua (water), Limonene, Buthylphenyl Methylpropional, Linalool,coumarin, Citronellol,geraniol, Benzyl Benzoate

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Nice Cologne

Very nice cologne not too strong, may purchase as an everyday cologne

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Perfect for summer

A delicious unusual and unique fragrance with anise being the strongest note followed by lavender and sandlewood. Lots of comments and attention will be yours - highly recommended

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HUGE fan!

While this is certainly a pricey fragrance, it was purchased as a gift for me and I find that I really like it. It is a distinctive scent that doesn't overpower that I find myself using more and more although I tend to be careful due to its price.

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Classic, complex, and elegant.

As far as th Ate fragrance itself goes, the cedarwood notes are the first to hit my senses. Then I smell licorice, a hint of lavender, and then a lingering base note of vanilla and sandalwood. Sandalwood is not mentioned here in the description, but that sticks out to me more than the cedar, but there is a hint of cedar in the sandalwood. I am sure that this cologne would smell different to almost everyone. The only reason for my 4 stars is that this is not my typical style of cologne. I do not typically go for "woody" or anise scents. I usually lean toward floral and fresh, and I am not sure that I could see myself wearing this every day, but for something different, definitely! This is definitely not like most colognes in a store; it always seems as if a few are original, and the rest are just copies. This is unique and VERY complex.

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A complex, lasting scent, but not to my taste.

I got a sample of this cologne through a bonus offer and tried it out. Like all the more expensive colognes I've sampled or purchased through Birchbox, the scent lasts impressively through the day. This particular scent, though, just wasn't for me.

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