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Quirky Crossover iPad Mini - Orange Quirky Crossover iPad Mini - White

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Your phone is feeling neglected. Don’t worry: Quirky also makes a Crossover for your iPhone.


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Birchbox Breakdown

Our gadgets do just about everything. Consider the iPad Mini: It’s a virtual book, a television-to-go, a travel guide, and a camera all in one sleek device that weighs less than a pound. Sadly, most cases are not as versatile. Enter this inventive, two-piece case which combines form and function. The crisscrossed bands offer protection for your Mini, as well as storage for your on-the-go essentials—all while setting your iPad apart from the pack.

How to Use

The two silicone bands stretch diagonally across the back of the iPad Mini to keep corners safe, while the overlap offers a snug, secure place to slip your must-haves.

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