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There’s no shortage of stylish, eco-friendly water bottles for hydration in the hot summer months. But when it comes to man’s best friend, the options are significantly less plentiful. Enter this canvas water bowl with a utilitarian ethos and marine-grade hardware. Watching the little guy lap his H2O out of this vessel will have you wishing there were water bottles this nice for humans.

How it Works

This collapsible, machine-washable bowl is made from 100% waxed cotton canvas and has a brass clip for attaching to your belt loop or hanging up post-walk.

How to Use

Unclip, expand, and fill with water. When your furry friend has had his fill, empty, collapse, and re-clip.

canvas + solid brass clip

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Works well--a little leaky.

We have this in our trunk for giving water to our dogs on hikes or other excursions. For that purpose, it is perfectly serviceable. Quality, too. The only issue is that the canvas is a bit porous--the entire container will be a little damp and some of the water will seep out. It's not a big deal, but I should mention it.

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Form over function, but still decent

When I saw this in a local store, I was confused at first because I didn't understand how the canvas bowl would hold water without leaking. Turns out I was sort of right. It's woven tight enough that it holds most of the water you put it in it, but it isn't leak proof. The water will slowly start to absorb through the cloth. I used it on the beach and sand stuck to the damp outside of the bowl. Nothing major, just a pain to have to wipe off later and sort of wish it was completely water proof. It looks and feels great though. Still very satisfied with the products this brand has made so far.

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