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Short Stack Trio - Volumes 1 - 3 Short Stack Trio - Volumes 4 - 6

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Like any good culinarian, Short Stack has an insatiable appetite, so keep an eye on their website (shortstackeditions.com) for new cookbook trios.

Short Stack

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Birchbox Breakdown

While there’s plenty to love in a well-stocked pantry, a few ingredients always stand out from the crowd. Put a new spin on your favorite foods with this cookbook trio, which explores the virtues and vagaries of three iconic ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a new take on tomatoes, or just a cheery addition to your kitchen shelf, this trifecta will deliver with whimsy and flair.

How it Works

This set contains three 50-page cookbooks, each focused on a different ingredient: the strawberry, the tomato, and the extraordinary egg. Each volume is compiled by a different culinary talent, and features everything from innovative recipes and sourcing tips to detailed illustrations.

How to Use

With simple recipes and a wealth of extra content, this trio can be savored by novice and maestro alike. Add the whole set to your cookbook library, or gift a single volume to your three best buds.

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