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Teroforma Icon Apron - Wine O'Clock Teroforma Icon Apron - This Lil' Piggy

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Teraforma is full of stylish kitchen upgrades, like their Scoop, Stab + Spread serving utensils. 


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  • 37 in. long x 27.5 in. wide   
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Birchbox Breakdown

Some people use clothes to advertise their allegiance to a favorite sports team. We use them to express our allegiance to a favorite food group. Let your foodie colors shine through with this stylish Icon Apron from Teroforma. It’ll get you thinking like a true Top Chef—all while keeping your clothes stain-free.

How to Use

This easy-to-wash cotton apron is designed to keep your clothes safe from errant splashes and spills. The “Wine O’Clock” print features mini bottles of vino—and the occasional spilled wine glass. “This Lil Piggy” features a piglet print and a glimpse at the piglet’s future: a strip of bacon.

100% cotton

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