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If crows strike you as a little dour, lighten up with Terrapin Bicycle A6 Note Cards.

Terrapin Stationers

Birchbox Breakdown

When you have 50 ways to send a message, your stationery speaks louder than words. These engraved note cards add the right touch of gravity to your missives or memos, whether you’re writing the Great American Love Letter, or a thank you note to the folks next door. Finely engraved emblems and vintage kraft envelopes turn the act of reading into a bona fide experience. Because no one ever pinned your Snapchat to their bulletin board.

How it Works

This set of top-shelf stationery comes with six white stock notecards, engraved with a black crow emblem for a dash of character. Six kraft envelopes help your message travel in style.

How to Use

With their minimalist design and exceptional quality, these notecards can be used for just about anything, including letters, thank you notes, and the best birthday cards ever.

bright white stock, kraft envelopes

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Most Helpful Customer Review

Terrapin is just great.

I have a couple of other sets of Terrapin cards, and they're really a great stationer. Some of their other styles are probably more popular than these, but I definitely recommend them as a brand.

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