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If this clever piece isn't quite enough to fulfill your faux-taxidermy design needs, a set of imm Living Animal Trays should do the trick.

imm Living

Birchbox Breakdown

Any frequent restaurant-goer can tell you that taxidermy has been one of the most persistent design trends of the last few years. Now you can get in on the action at home (without the hassle of actually hunting down a deer) with this one-of-a-kind stacking game, designed in the shape of a buck. Quite frankly, we doubt a head mounted on your wall would be half as much fun.

How it Works

The deer-head base offers a sturdy foundation for stacking the antler pieces, which come in assorted sizes for added difficulty. Think mountain man’s Jenga. The detailed game doubles as a sculptural work with a cleanly rugged look when not in use.

How to Use

Carefully place each antler piece onto the growing pile until all thirty are used. Spilling means instant disqualification, so watch your elbows. Play alone, or with bearded friends.


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