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Styling on the go? Your new comb will fit perfectly inside Izola’s sturdy Dopp Kit.


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You may not think of it this way, but your comb is a tool, and like the rest of your toolkit, a comb’s performance often scales with its weight. This distinctive brass specimen has a satisfying heft that will add precision and significance to your daily routine, and an engraved expression that might motivate you to try an Elvis pompadour, or even the Ron Swanson. Because after all, this is a man’s comb.

How it Works

Each comb is brass-plated and engraved, giving it an unmistakable weight and a classic vintage look. A handsome canvas case provides some pleasant company, featuring the same witty phrase engraved on the comb.

How to Use

Use the thick teeth first to remove knots. Switch to the thin teeth to train hairs into your preferred style.


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This comb makes a difference. I only have to comb my hair once and I get the look that I desire. Plus this comb looks great.

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Not a great travel product...

... I wanted to upgrade my travel comb with something high quality... This comb is very heavy and very large, I don't just mean length either. Probably due to the material it's made of, it had to be made in a larger scale than most would be used to in a comb. The tines are very thick which means the gaps are wider than usual too. It's almost as if it was made for a giants head.
On a positive note, it looks good and it seems to be made of high quality material... but even if TSA would let it through security you probably wouldn't want to add the extra weight to your kit.

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Whole new look and feel

By far, my favorite, luxury comb I've encountered so far. Works very well with medium length curly hair. Provides enough control to tame my cray hair. Feels good in hand, weight and material.

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Heavy Duty Comb

This comb has a great weight to it. I used to use plastic combs that you can get for fifty cents or so, but this comb is much more substantial. It does what it is designed to and looks great on the bathroom counter top. You could get a plastic comb for much, much cheaper, but a man who has a comb like this is a man who cares about quality and things that last. He's a man who pays attention to the smallest details. And that's the kind of man people want to be around. It's an instant conversation starter and people will be sure to notice.

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