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Place this high-fired porcelain dock on a flat surface, preferably somewhere guests can admire it.

JONATHAN ADLER Universal Phone Dock

$48.00 Ships Free
4.25" wide x 3.5" deep x 3.5" tall



Birchbox Breakdown

As everything around us increasingly goes digital, we’re all for embracing elements of our analog past. Enter JONATHAN ADLER's universal smartphone dock—as he calls it, “a cheeky nod to the clunky phones of yore”—which cleverly brings the old rotary phone design into the uberconnected present.

How to Use

Slip your phone’s charging cable through the slot in the back, carefully connect to your phone, and sit your device upright. Now you can easily check your Twitter feed as your phone recharges (thank goodness for small favors). Be gentle—the dock is made of high-fired porcelain.

high-fired porcelain with a high gloss glaze

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Awkward Fit

I have an iPhone 4, so maybe that caused this issue, but the phone didnt really stay up straight. It is either crooked or leans forward. Maybe if I took my case off it would be better? Also the cord goes through the bottom of the phone and through the top behind the handle. If you take your phone off of it the cord falls into the hollow phone. It's a bit of a pain. I also think it's overpriced but if you used your points it is more reasonable. Overall it's cute and I plan on keeping it.

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Super cute

This is a really cute piece and looks great on my bedside table, lots of accurate detail. I am a bit nervous, because it seems like it could be kind of delicate. I put some "gripper" feet on the base so it wouldn't slide around so much.

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Poorly design

I really wanted to give a better review because I love Jonathan Adler design, but this piece was not well-designed. Maybe it works betters if you have a 4s but I have the 6s. Once you thread the cord up through the bottom, there's no way to secure it, so once you unplug your phone, it falls to the bottom. When the phone is plugged in, there's not enough space created for the phone to lean back, so it leans forward. I love the look of it, but the functionality is not practical. I ended up returning it to BirchBox for a credit.

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