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Juniper Ridge Trail Soap - Siskiyou Juniper Ridge Trail Soap - Cascade Glacier Juniper Ridge Trail Soap - Yuba River

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Can’t get enough of these high-mountain scents? Get them to-go with Juniper Ridge Backpacker’s Cologne.

Juniper Ridge

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Birchbox Breakdown

Before the rise of the drugstore, outdoorsmen made their toiletries with found and foraged botanicals——and we’'re beginning to see why. This wildcrafted soap was made for the modern Daniel Boone, with an all-natural formula sourced from deep-woods streams and glens. Choose from three fragrant blends: spicy Siskiyou (cedar, spiced citrus, ginger), pine-scented Cascade Glacier (conifer boughs, spring fruit), and crisp Yuba River (pine pitch, fresh wood).

How to Use

Thanks to its no-frills, non-drying formula, this hardworking soap can clean just about anything. Use it as a hand soap, body wash, or all-purpose camp soap——a quarter-sized dollop should do the trick.

Saponofied Organic Palm, Organic Olive, Organic Coconut, Organic Jojoba Oil, Natural Fragrance From Plants, Mushrooms, Wood, Bark Moss

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Love to smell like the woods?

This is for you if you do! I absolutely love a woodsy smell and so does my gf. I like the liquid soap better than the bar because it has a little staying power. The scents really are based on the foliage you smell hiking. Some have a more mossy undertone, others juniper and cedar. If you are sick of pine or sage scented soaps and want that outdoorsy smell get this stuff, it's amazing.

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The first thing to hit me after opening this box was the overpowering smell of this body wash. It has a very strong smell that lingers and transfers to nearby items. I haven't used the product yet because the smell is just too strong.

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No Thanks

It works as a soap well enough but I'd stick to using it as a hand soap. I tried it as a body wash and the scent isn't bad but it's not something I'd like my whole body to smell like. Still it's effective and cleans my body well but I haven't tried it on dishes yet.

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