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Cool Hunting is fuel for the curious—an online hub for the latest and greatest in tech, design, culture, and style. For more offbeat picks from their editors, take a gander at our brand new Summer Shop.

Limited Edition: BirchboxMan + Cool Hunting Summer Collection

$88.00 Ships Free

Availability: Out of stock


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If your summer essentials haven’t changed since college, it’s time for a paradigm shift—and no one understands “bigger and better” like the gang at Cool Hunting. To celebrate the season, we asked their team of tastemakers to assemble this all-star roster, packed with cult finds and offbeat upgrades befitting a modern pathfinder. No matter how high the temperatures rise, the dog days of summer never felt so cool.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

I loved this box for me and not a fella

I loved this box. I am already wearing the watch. it's fun and solar powered so I won't have to worry to change the battery. I'm using the blanket for a picnic this week, and the duffle is the perfect size for a gym bag which is what I'm planning on using it for. I'm using every part of the box-- gifting the coffee and the face stuff will be a personal use if not a gift to my teenage cousin who is just learning that he needs to cleanse his face everyday.

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Awesome collection!

So I was very excited to see this box when it became available. It's got a great variety of items that I can't wait to use all summer and bring to the beach on my honeymoon in September!

Firstly, Grady's Cold Brew Bean Bags… I'm an iced coffee addict, especially in summer. I was planning on ordering a can of these anyway, so it was what really made the push for me ordering this set. If you brew it to the recommended amount, it makes a very concentrated iced coffee blend, which is great for pouring over ice and adding milk to. If you just want to drink your iced coffee straight up, you can get at least 2-3 times the amount out of each batch by adding extra water or ice if you're sipping on it for a while. Great time saver and great taste for these!

The Herschel Supply duffle bag was another item that I found to be exciting. Definitely will be easy to pack in a suitcase and bring out for day trips to the beach or wherever else it may be needed whilst on vacation. The pattern is great and the colors are awesome. It might be a little less vibrant in person, but that might just be the lighting in my apt last night. Still need to check it out in some natural lighting!

The Artisan Project beach blanket is pretty nice! Smaller than expected, but still will be a great way to help avoid a sandy towel at the beach. It's really only big enough for one person to lay on, but I suppose you could snuggle. haha Two people could easily sit on it if needed as well.

I didn't realize that the watch was solar powered until I opened it. Very cool! Definitely a great watch for the beach, waterpark, or a day at the pool. Fun, vibrant colors that suit me just fine! If you're not into colorful accessories, you may not enjoy it, but I know I sure am, so I love it! It's fully plastic, but doesn't feel cheap. Probably partly due to the knowledge that it's solar powered. Super cool, nerd alert!

I have not tried any of the samples, as I'm waiting for either vacation or the right occasion. All of them smell nice and I am excited to try them out, though. That's a given, though, seeing as how I'm a BB subscriber, so of course I love trying out new samples!

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Very Cool Pack!

This is a very cool commissioned pack. The Artisan Project Beach Blanket was my favorite thing and we tested it out at the beach last weekend. The Juniper Ridge Soap is amazing too - very masculine, outdoor smell. Definitely worth the $$$.

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This kit isn't terrible, and if you cash in some points, it may just be worth it.

To start, I've not yet used the face wipes or the balm, as I'm saving those for my August vacation.

The soap smells great, but cannot yet attest to its cleaning power.

The watch is ok. All plastic body, so it's not a show-stopped looks-wise. Couple that with its three complementing colors, and you'll have a tough time wearing it with anything other than swim trunks. That said, it's not a shabby watch for the beach, especially when you don't want your phone to get sandy/ wet.

The blanket is a big letdown. I purchased this prior to BB putting the size measurements on the product page. It's tiny. Like, beach towel tiny. As a 6' man, this thing only comes to my shoulders, and is barely wider than my body. This blanket isn't the kind of "let me take my SO to the beach and we'll sprawl out" blanket you're probably looking for. The construction is alright though, but the top threads look like they'll come apart over time, as there's no hem or anything to keep them in.

As for the duffle, it's a mixed bag (no pun intended). While tiny (22 inches long), I like that it comes with an attached pouch for storing the pack (so it stuff into itself, so to speak). That pouch then serves an an interior pocket for knickknacks and such.

Lastly, I am not a coffee drinker, so I cannot tell you anything about the cold-brew coffee. I will give that to my SO, who can write a review down the line on that product's page.

In closing, I don't think I'd be happy at full price, but i can't complain after cashing in some long-held points. YMMV, though.

Happy travels!

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I STILL use these items

I live in California so using the beach blanket is a normal. And when traveling the bag is great for return trips when bringing back souveniers. Also the watch has lasted this long! Solar, no need to replace a battery or keep it moving. Awesome deal and great pack!

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