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Grab the matching 40 ml size to keep in your vanity, and stow this rollerball in your purse.

MCMC Fragrance Phoenix Perfume Oil

9 ml

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Birchbox Breakdown

MCMC founder Anne McClain was inspired by a free-spirited friend to create this ethereal perfume. Part of The Stories Collections—a group of scents inspired by McClain’s personal experiences—it’s the embodiment of feminine flair. The top note of vanilla quickly translates to a honeysuckle when it touches skin. The lasting note is peach, and its lightweight essence personifies the story of Phoenix.

How to Use

Dab behind the ears and onto wrists. Avoid rubbing wrists together so that the notes don’t break down. Tip: Store away from the sun. Citrus and floral oils are particularly sensitive to light and heat.

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Smells heavenly

I was pleasantly surprised by this perfume oil. It smells so clean and refreshing.

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Light and fresh, but not long lasting

I normally don't go in for floral scents, but this is musky enough that it's not overwhelmingly feminine and flowery. I don't pick up on the peach at all, but with the vanilla and neroli, it is still a really fresh and outdoorsey kind of smell. My only complaint is that it doesn't last very long, especially for an oil. I'm trying the accompanying perfume spray, in hopes that layering will make it last longer.

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Got this sample from Birchbox a long time ago and found a little bit as I was cleaning out my beauty drawers. I remember liking it and I still do. Because it's an oil, I expected it to have longer lasting power, but it still has much better lasting power than an EDT. At any rate, it is a sweet fragrance - the peach note lasts throughout and is a very juicy. There's a dose of muskiness to it that helps keep it from being too sweet. While I know there's aldehydes in the structure, I suspect some lactones were used to give it a more lived in, creamy quality. Even if you don't like sweet fragrances, check it out!

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Peaches & Musk

I got a sample of this at the store when I made my own box and was smitten at first sniff. It was almost impossible to choose between the rollerball perfume oil formula and the EDT. I chose the oil, which I keep in my handbag and dab on my pulse points 2-3 times a day to add a close hint of sweet fragrance. After rubbing it across my wrists and neck, I run my arms lightly over my hair, just to add a bit more scent. The EDT is better for my vanity, and I'll be saving up my points to buy that next, as they layer beautifully. I love that this is made in Brooklyn, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and it smells just as good on my friends--but slightly different on all of us.

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Lasting power!

Oh this is the perfect spring/summer fragrance! It's a soft, not too strong fragrance but still lasts all day. I get lots of compliments when I wear this.

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