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Mt. Sapola Hand Wash - Lime Mint Mt. Sapola Hand Wash - Lemongrass

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If you can’t get enough of these citrusy scents, turn up the volume with a Mt. Sapola Diffuser.

Mt. Sapola

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Birchbox Breakdown

As an educated groomer, you may have invested in a top-notch face wash, but what about the cleanser you use the most? Mt. Sapola has upped the ante with this well-scented hand wash—a soothing blend of moisture-rich cleansers and nourishing, fragrant oils. Compared to a product with this much firepower, the hotel-born bar soap that lives on your sink ledge doesn’t stand a chance.

How to Use

Thanks to its gentle cleansers and essential oils, this hand wash will cut through dirt and grime without drying or irritating skin. Rice bran oil serves as a lightweight exfoliant, while rosemary extract hydrates and heals. A selection of Thai-made scents, like revitalizing lemongrass, add a welcome slice of serenity.

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Fantastically Scented-- Works Up A Great Lather

I love this soap, and I think it smells like a bit like a mojito. In addition to smelling great, it works up a terrific lather. Also, the container looks very classy in our bathroom.

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