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In the mood for another silken statement piece? Check out Nick Graham’s Silk Bow Tie.

Nick Graham Silk Necktie

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If you thought patterned neckties were the stuff of prep school, then prepare for a change of heart. These ties put a modern twist on some classic sartorial patterns, giving any gentleman’s wardrobe a welcome dose of flair. From the sturdy silk construction to the subtle backside patterns, each design has its own personality—an essential component of any iconic menswear.

How to Use

These 100% silk ties mix an array of classic patterns—from nautical print to paisley—for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Each tie is 2¾ inches at its widest point, finding the perfect middle ground between thick and thin.

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Perfect for Prior Navy:)

I bought this for my dad for Father's Day. He couldn't be happier, despite the cliché of getting a tie for Father's Day. He is prior Navy so everything is anchors anchors anchors. Needless to say, it goes well with the Riada anchor tie bar and cufflinks. He loved the texture and the slim width gives his business attire a more modern look. Many compliments!

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Ok so I got this toe in one of my boxes. I must say everyone including me lovesss this tie! Thanks BB

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The World Seems to Love It!

I'll be honest...over the past few years I have noticed that my connection to current style has been slowly declining due to the addition of two children to my home and little time to worry about such things (hence my need to purchase the BB). So, when I got my first box with a silk tie from Nick Graham, I thought two things: (1) Wow - a tie - nice! and (2) Um...not sure the dog and crossbones is really my style. But, due to the fact that I am no longer hip, I rocked my new tie loosely over a black dress shirt with the top button undone (as per the instructions on the handy card in the box) and - wouldn't you know it - the world loved my new tie. So, there you have it - Nick Graham ties are apparently awesome and Birchbox knows what they are doing.

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