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Check out Page Stationery’s Everyday Boxed Notes for day-to-day cards with the same simple flair.

Birchbox Breakdown

In the precarious game of romance, it pays to keep your partner guessing. Our advice: Be bold, embrace the unexpected, and never forget to be funny. These love notes touch on all three points with flair, with a range of quirky designs that any paramour, of any gender, can appreciate.

How it Works

This set includes 5 assorted notecards, along with a matching pack of envelopes. Each card is hand-printed for exceptional quality, and a uniquely personal touch.

How to Use

While these cards make a perfect companion for a Valentine’s Day gift, we recommend sending one just because.

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I ordered these on a whim, figuring that I would find random uses for them. And I was right; they are actually perfect for those small every day moments when you just want to say "I love you" and be a little funny doing it. I even used one for Valentine’s Day. I was initially taken aback by the fact that these don’t open, they are flat cards and there is printing on the front and the back so it does not leave much room for adding personalization. But then I realized that I liked that! It makes me be more creative, and not overly gushy or wordy.

They are printed on a solid card stock too; so they don’t feel at all cheap. I just wish there were a few more designs.

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