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PLAiR 2’s functionality doesn’t stop with streaming content. A built-in “Beam” feature allows you to play videos directly from your phone, laptop, or hard drive.

Birchbox Breakdown

Between Netflix, Spotify, and HBO Go, we spend most of our lives in a constant state of streaming. And we’re guessing we’re not alone. Bring the internet’s best content to your big-screen TV with PLAiR 2, a device that streams movies, music, games, and more, directly to your television. A remote control app and integrated software make setup a breeze: no downloads, hidden fees, or miniature clickers to lose in the couch. Just plug, play, and enjoy.

How to Use

PLAiR 2 was designed for simplicity, so installation can be completed in minutes. Just plug the device into your TV’s HDMI port, download the PLAiR app, and link it to your WiFi Network. We’ve made instant noodles that took more effort than that.

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