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PLAiR 2’s functionality doesn’t stop with streaming content. A built-in “Beam” feature allows you to play videos directly from your phone, laptop, or hard drive.

Birchbox Breakdown

Between Netflix, Spotify, and HBO Go, we spend most of our lives in a constant state of streaming. And we’re guessing we’re not alone. Bring the internet’s best content to your big-screen TV with PLAiR 2, a device that streams movies, music, games, and more, directly to your television. A remote control app and integrated software make setup a breeze: no downloads, hidden fees, or miniature clickers to lose in the couch. Just plug, play, and enjoy.

How it Works

To score this all-in-one media hub, spend $75 or more on full-size products in the Men’s Shop and use code PLAIRGIFT at checkout. Limit one per cart. Cannot be combined with other offers. Not valid on subscription orders. In order to return any item in your order, you must also return the PLAiR 2.

How to Use

PLAiR 2 was designed for simplicity, so installation can be completed in minutes. Just plug the device into your TV’s HDMI port, download the PLAiR app, and link it to your WiFi Network. We’ve made instant noodles that took more effort than that.

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I got this thinking it would be close to Chromecast but it was not even close. It took forever to set up and the quality was not very good at all. it was ok but I would rather go out and buy a chromcast.

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Cool device

Cool device, but slow responding between iphone and app screen. Think its much easier to run an HDMI cable from laptop to TV. No need if you already have a smart TV.

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Love it. Extremely easy to setup and use. Works great.

I had no idea how the product worked but each step of the way it was almost like somebody was guiding me through the process.
Accessibility to apps is very very easy and intuitive. I like the ability to run music in the back ground while playing a slide show in the foreground. Ofcourse, Netflix and Hulu are good too but I can use other things for that.
Perhaps the best thing about this product is how I send videos through the Chrome browser plug-in. I find that easy and that makes me want to watch the videos on the TV instead of my laptop.

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Too Slow = Frustrating

Unfortunately this product fails to excite because this interface is frustratingly slow and somewhat counter intuitive, at least for me (to move left, you swipe right, I am used to using a touchpad that when I move left the pointer, scroll, whatever moves left. to scroll you hold your finger then move the direction you want to scroll and half the time I was scrolling when I wanted to move the mouse when I wanted to scroll it was only moving the mouse). Setup was fairly simple, but after that is pretty downhill. While I love the idea, until the interface can speed up and become more intuitive I do not see myself using this product. I might plug it into my TV since I have a spare HDMI port, but if I do I will probably forget its there.

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