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If you find yourself won over by the idea of cases that double as storage devices, Quirky's Keeper is a sharp iPhone holder with an attached leather wallet.


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Birchbox Breakdown

The iPad Mini is a virtual book, a television-to-go, a travel guide, and a camera all in one sleek device that weighs less than a pound. Sadly, most cases are not as versatile. Enter this convenient case, which combines form with function. The tight weave of elastic straps across the back offer protection for your Mini as well as storage for your other prized possessions—all while setting your iPad apart from the pack.

How it Works

The plastic border that snaps around the edges of the Mini offers protection against drops and bumps, while the densely-woven elastic webbing on the back provides a snug, secure place to store credit cards, sunglasses, pens, and various other sundries.

How to Use

Snap the plastic bumper around the edges of your iPad Mini. Slide your necessities between the elastic straps and you're all set.

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Meh - just ok

I bought this thinking that it would make my iPad easier to hold, and although there is some security with the straps, the problem is that they stretch out over time. And...let's face it, I ended up just holding it the traditional way as if it had no case to begin with. So...not really worth it.

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Specific Uses, but loved it.

I use my iPad constantly and this case was pretty darn cool. Snaps right on. I didn't use it to store things on the back, but with my hand threaded through, it made it pretty much impossible to drop.

Wouldn't recommend for kids as it doesn't provide much drop protection and no screen protection. It does, however, have an interesting feature. It is low profile enough to keep it in a portfolio case (the kind with elastic in each corner) to protect from drops and the screen. It really worked for me and I would buy again.

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