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In a simpler time, pairing this brush with a disposable razor might be grounds for a duel. Do it justice with a Baxter of California Safety Razor.

Baxter of California

Birchbox Breakdown

For centuries, a “best badger” brush has been the tool of choice for dandies, noblemen, and rakish cavalry officers. Today, that tradition lives on. This stately brush taps the highest quality badger hairs to produce a superlative lather—thicker, smoother, and creamier than your typical drugstore fare. If you seek nothing less than the finest shave, this is the tool to use.

How it Works

This top-of-the-line brush features the “Best Badger” grade of badger hair, which sources the softest, most pliable hairs from a badger’s coat. Crafted in Germany, this understated upgrade stands toe-to-toe with the best.

How to Use

After washing your face, rinse the brush in warm water, and load the bristles with your favorite shave cream. Work it into your scruff using soft, circular motions, until a thick coat of lather has formed. Shave as usual, then rinse.

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Save yourself time and just buy it

The more and more brushes I use, the more I go back to this one. Baxter makes a great product, and this brush is no exception, it produces a great later and applies evenly.

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Nice brush

This is a great brush for your shave. If you like quality and take care of it you'll love it.

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