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A razor this fine deserves a top-quality shave brush. Invest in the best with a “Best Badger” Shave Brush from Baxter.

Baxter of California

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Birchbox Breakdown

Like an heirloom pipe, or a gunslinger’s pistol, some items transcend their materials to become something that borders on sacred. “Not a Replica” is one of them. Handcrafted from hardened steel and American mettle, this superlative razor excels in every aspect, from the tempered blue blade to the perfectly balanced handle. You won’t find a finer piece of steel this side of Yokohama.

How to Use

Invest in this razor, and never another. The metal is heat-treated in a molten salt bath to prevent oxidation, then frozen in liquid nitrogen to harden it even further. A special bluing treatment protects against rust, and adds a unique navy finish to match the matte black handle. Each blade comes with a deerskin pouch, a storage box, and a hex wrench to tighten the pin.

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You're a man now my son

I urge you to read or watch videos on how to save with one of these before doing it. Else you will find yourself with a lot of cuts.
It has a good hone and keeps a sharp edge. A little tricky at first if you are a noob, but once you get the hang of it, you can call yourself a bad A.

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Admittedly, I questioned my ability to place this goregous sturdy blue steel razor anywhere near my face in fear that I would slice the common carotids in my neck.

I watched a few Youtube videos before getting started and not only survived, but also achieved the shave of my life!!! I could not image ever using anything else. Not to mention it's kept its razor sharp edge for months now.

I feel like such a man pulling this bad boy out to vicerate my whiskers.

Once you go blue, you never go back!

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This the only razor you will need

I have tried this. It is heaven on earth and my face. It's more than the sleek and stylish shape and color. It delivers and clean and precise shave. I suggest seeking out proper shaving techniques and maintenance for a straight razor as this is a premium product.

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