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A razor this fine deserves a top-quality shave brush. Invest in the best with a “Best Badger” Shave Brush from Baxter.

Baxter of California

Birchbox Breakdown

Like an heirloom pipe, or a gunslinger’s pistol, some items transcend their materials to become something that borders on sacred. “Not a Replica” is one of them. Handcrafted from hardened steel and American mettle, this superlative razor excels in every aspect, from the tempered blue blade to the perfectly balanced handle. You won’t find a finer piece of steel this side of Yokohama.

How it Works

Handcrafted from start to finish, each blade is ground, marked, sharpened, and assembled by the American artisans at Hart Steel. The metal is heat-treated in a molten salt bath to prevent oxidation, then frozen in liquid nitrogen to harden it even further. A special bluing treatment protects against rust, and adds a unique navy finish to match the matte black handle. Each blade comes with a deerskin pouch, a storage box, and a hex wrench to tighten the pin.

How to Use

While a treatise on straight razors could fill a book, we will note that they offer the closest possible shave, and the gentlest treatment for sensitive skin. If you decide to take the plunge and invest in a razor, this blade will be your first and last.

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You're a man now my son

I urge you to read or watch videos on how to save with one of these before doing it. Else you will find yourself with a lot of cuts.
It has a good hone and keeps a sharp edge. A little tricky at first if you are a noob, but once you get the hang of it, you can call yourself a bad A.

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Admittedly, I questioned my ability to place this goregous sturdy blue steel razor anywhere near my face in fear that I would slice the common carotids in my neck.

I watched a few Youtube videos before getting started and not only survived, but also achieved the shave of my life!!! I could not image ever using anything else. Not to mention it's kept its razor sharp edge for months now.

I feel like such a man pulling this bad boy out to vicerate my whiskers.

Once you go blue, you never go back!

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