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The perfect shave just isn’t complete without a proper postshave, so be sure to pair this set with Baxter’s After Shave Balm.

Baxter of California

Birchbox Breakdown

Your most cherished rituals deserve the tools to match. German-made for guaranteed quality, this set contains a double-edged safety razor, a silver tip badger brush, and a matching stand for both. The brush provides the necessary lather and lift, while the razor gives you the extra-close cut every wet-shave aficionado wants. Each item features a nickel-plated brass handle and a chrome finish that invokes the barbershops of a bygone era.

How to Use

After a warm shower, wet the brush with hot water and lather up using soft, circular motions. Shave as you normally would——holding the razor at its end to moderate pressure——and be sure to return both tools to the stand to keep them high and dry.

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