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BVLGARI MAN Eau De Toilette has a similar fresh, woodsy fragrance for your shaving off days. Here’s to smelling good all the time.


Birchbox Breakdown

This hydrating balm will not only cool and calm post shave skin, it also provides a subtle and appealing scent. There are enough rare woodsy notes in the sturdy but subtle scent of this aftershave to make you smell like a tuxedoed lumberjack who cleaned up nice.

How it Works

Here’s a short list of the powerhouse of woodsy ingredients working in concert to make this olfactory enchanted forest: Calabrian bergamot, violet leaves, lotus flower, pear, white wood, vegetal amber, sandalwood , cashmere wood, vetiver and cypriol, Resin of Benzoin, Oliban tonka bean, white honey, and that old classic, musk.

How to Use

Squeeze out a pea-sized amount from this slim tube, and apply. The appealing scent from this moisturizing aftershave is enough that you can probably skip the cologne.

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Love this

I've been in the process of trying to find my husband an aftershave that we both like, and this was a great choice. Most aftershaves tend to have an offensively strong smell, and this one isn't at all overpowering. It has a nice, woodsy scent, and the product description of smelling like a "tuxedoed lumberjack" is surprisingly accurate. My husband said it was moisturizing and there was no burn after using it. (He kind of likes the burn, but he doesn't hate that it's missing with this product).

I think this would be perfect for a guy with sensitive skin too.

Ultimately, this product is worth the money, and I think we've finally found a keeper. He likes it, I like it, finally! We agree! Definitely plan to continue purchasing this!

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Awesome buy

I bought this aftershave balm after receiving a sample of the cologne a few months ago. To date, still my favorite birchbox purchase. My girlfriend can't keep her hands off me when i wear this.

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