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Prep your scruff for the perfect shave with Game Day’s Pre-Shave Invigorating Scrub.

Game Day

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Birchbox Breakdown

We’ll admit: Drugstore shave foam comes with a certain nostalgic quality. Still, it isn’t doing your skin any favors. Consider instead this botanical-rich formula, which contains healing sandalwood, soothing aloe, and antiaging green tea extract, lathering up thick for a smooth, comfortable shave. Nothing will satisfy your nostalgic longings quite like a strong—and perfectly smooth—jawline.

How to Use

Splash your face with water or apply a damp, warm towel. Work a small amount of cream into your scruff until a thick lather forms, then shave as usual.

Water, potassium myristate, potassium stearate, sodium myristate, sodium stearate, glycerin, carthamus tinctorius (hybrid safflower) seed oil, fragrance, aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, betaglucan, symphytum officinale (comfrey), calendula officinalis, camellia oleifera (green tea) hydrastis Canadensis (golden seal) root extracts; tocopheryl (vitamin E) acetate, cholecalciferol (vitamin D), retinyl (vitamin A) palmitate, zea mays (corn) oil, hydroxyethylcellulose, sorbic acid

*Certified organic ingredient

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