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Editor's Tip Editor's Tip

Want to take your ice cubes to the next level? Use filtered water from your Soma water carafe instead of regular tap water.

Soma Water Filter

$69.00 Ships Free
40 oz

Availability: Out of stock


Birchbox Breakdown

This next-generation water filter delivers crisp, clean water, minimalist good looks, and a subscription service that means you never have to deal with stickers or timers again——the company delivers new filters to your door every two months. A biodegradable, organic filter made of silk and food-based plastic means you’ll never have those pesky black flecks again (or the guilt of throwing away a bulky landfill filter). Plus, the glass carafe is so stylish it’s a worthy addition to your dinner table—and has a beveled edge for an extraneat pour.

How to Use

Fill carafe with tap water, let filter, and drink. Replace the filter every two months for pure, refreshing agua.

100% biodegradable filter - Made from all-natural Malaysian coconut shells, silk, and food-based PLA plastic

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews


This is an attractive water pitcher. I think it takes too long to filter and it does not hold enough water for me. I find it a little awkward in design. I do not like the "plastic" parts. I love that it is glass, I only wish brita made a glass pitcher. I prefer how the water out of brita tastes. I am not sure if soma cleans the water well enough. I can't find any information on what it actually filters out. I will continue to use it but it can also make a great vase if all else fails.

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over rated

While the glass carafe may be an improvement over the plastic Brita or other filter systems, it is both too heavy and awkward to use. The top is poorly designed plastic and falls apart easily, making both pouring into and out of the carafe cumbersome. There is no way to actually know when any individual customer would need a new filter but you are required to sign up for ongoing deliveries. I am sorry I bought this product without seeing/handling it first and cannot find anywhere on their website to cancel my subscription.

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Filtration specs needed

The most important thing about a water filter is whether it does the job it's supposed to do. So far I have found no information from Soma on what contaminants the Soma Water Filter filters out, or any third-party documentation on this. Lead? Chloroform? Arsenic? Other chemicals? Flouride? Pesticides? There's lot of hype about how pretty the decanter looks on a dining room table, and the fact that black specks don't appear in the container or in water as its poured. While I applaud the fact the filter is biodegradable, and the container is made of glass, not plastic, wise consumers need more facts, and a company that purports to be so environmentally conscious should be more forthcoming.

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Love the looks

Just got my Soma yesterday. Looks and functions beautifully so far. Only wish they had made silicone sleeve for it, so it doesnt bang when you put it on countertop. Makes me a little nervous and hsve to be extra cautious putting it down-especially when it is full.

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Nice but needs improvement

First and foremost I love the Soma. From the design to the function I think it's great. I will say though that it can be a bit awkward and maybe too heavy for some. Also, I am just assuming that it is filtering out those unwanted "things" that are found in tap water - Hopefully I am right. The only thing that I really do not like is how you take apart the top. I feel like I am on the verge of breaking it every time I clean it. However, and again, I love it.

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