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Need a slimmed-down wallet with a slot for cash? The J. Fold Front Pocket Wallet rocks a magnet-powered money clip.

J. Fold

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Birchbox Breakdown

A gentleman’s wallet should resemble his suit—slim, durable, and timeless. And for a man who likes to stand apart, this carrier fits the bill. Its tidy design stores all your daily documents—three credit cards and a license—in a trim leather card that can fit almost anywhere. Consider it your first step towards a (more) minimalist lifestyle.

How it Works

If you pared a classic wallet to its most essential parts, this carrier is what you would get. It features three slots for credit cards, a fourth for your license, and a stamped leather exterior to keep it looking sharp.

How to Use

J. Fold calls this their “Flat Carrier” for a reason. Feel free to stick it anywhere: Pants, jacket, bag, or even your shirt’s front pocket.

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Great Gift

Purchased this for my husband for christmas, who likes a slimmer wallet that can be put in his front pocket. Great design, and fun interior lining. He will be happy with this. Textural details are also really nice, giving the wallet a bit of personality.

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