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Even non-cyclists can appreciate the simple, but elegant look of this retro-chic bell. Might we propose repurposing it as a dinner bell?


Birchbox Breakdown

A bicycle bell is more than a means of communicating with fellow cyclists and pedestrians. It’s an accessory that defines your road style. And this understated but handsome fixture from Japanese architect-turned-designer Oji Masanori says you’re cool in a retro sort of way, but you’re not too cool to have a bit of flair on your wheels.

How it Works

Made of 100% brass, this traditional bike bell measures 2 inches in diameter and has an adjustable screw fastening that accommodates a variety of handlebars.

How to Use

Attach this classic bell to your wheels. Pull the clapper and release to let others know you’re coming on through.

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Awesome Design

Really cool looking bell, but upclose you can tell its definitely modern made.

It has an awesome sound,
But straight out of the box it doesnt fit my handlebars. I have an old vintage bike with relatively narrow piping everywhere and i couldnt find a single place to attatch it.

Lucky a quick little bend with a vide grip and some pliers and everything fits quite nicely now.

Solid bell, looks great from far away, and has an awesome sound.
up close its a bit chincey looking and it comes with a very small clamp.

3 out of 5 for sure, but im still happy

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Awesome bell!

Got this for my best friend for his birthday, and he loved it! He's a snobby fixie rider, and he liked the retro style and mechanical function over one of the newer type bells. New bells and bikes with multiple gears are for average people. You should get this bell if you are not average. Even better, this bell has a really loud, bright, ring.

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