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For another pocket-sized porter, check out the Herschel Supply Co. Packable Tote.

Herschel Supply Co.

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The best travel bags should relieve a sore burden, not turn into one themselves. This nigh-on-invincible duffle can haul a weekend’s worth of gear, before folding into a hidden pocket to form a simple, stowable package. It’s nothing short of a magic trick—one with tried-and-true benefits that far outweigh applause.

How it Works

Like every item from Herschel Supply Co., this bag pairs sturdy construction with simple, clever utility. Tear-resistant nylon and a rugged handle ensure that it carries its weight, while a handy inner pouch lets it to fold into a bundle the size of your jacket pocket.

How to Use

Use this 22-inch-long duffle for day trips, beach excursions, or lightweight weekend getaways. Its ultra-portable format makes it perfect for minimalist travel, or any situation where you’re hauling a one-way payload.

Lightweight Ripstop Nylon

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Great for traveling

This is a great bag to bring if you are traveling. I like to bring this with me when I travel to see family and fill it up with holiday goodies to bring back with me.

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Fun for a short notice day trip

I was skeptical about this bag when I first got it. It felt too light and the colors are very bright. I've used it a few times for last minute trips to the lake and the pool though, and it's perfect for packing a quick change of clothes and pair of shoes and it's easy to see across the pool deck. At the end of the day I'm glad I got it.

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