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hook + ALBERT	 Elbow Patches - Blue hook + ALBERT	 Elbow Patches - Sea Foam

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Want something that’s a bit more dapper, a bit less old-fogey? Try hook + ALBERT’s Lapel Flowers.

hook + ALBERT

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  • 6.5" x 4.25"   
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Birchbox Breakdown

The college professor look is in, and we say bring it on. To get it right, you’ve got to hit the books and know your vintage houndstooth from your glen plaid, but there are also some simple sartorial shortcuts. To add a bit of Ivy-League-with-an-edge to your favorite cable-knit sweater or sport coat, try these bright (but dusty-finished) elbow patches. They’ll impart instant panache, regardless of whether your clothes are actually in need of repair.

How it Works

These oval-shaped patches measure roughly 6.5 by 4 ¼ inches and are designed to fit most adult-sized jackets, blazers, or sweaters.

How to Use

Take your well-worn sports coat and these made-in-New York patches to your tailor for professional placement and stitching (ask for a 1/16-inch edge stitch).

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