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Izola Pocket Knife - Be Brave and True

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For another sharp update on an everyday product, check out the Izola Letter Opener, which doubles as a ruler.


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Birchbox Breakdown

If you’re a man over the age of twelve, you’ve likely received a pocketknife for your birthday, packed with all the bells, whistles, and flimsy plastic toothpicks you could ever want but never find a use for. This rugged alternative keeps things nice and simple: just a blade, corkscrew, bottle opener, can opener, and Phillips-head, all in a refined, stainless steel casing the size of your middle finger.

How it Works

The pocketknife’s stainless steel body gives it considerable heft, while an impassioned engraving offers stoic motivation.

How to Use

Attach this pocketknife to anything from your keys to your cooler. Perfect for camping, weekend projects, or a lean and simple go-bag.

100% stainless steel

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Very nice

I bought this for my husband's Valentine's present, but I already gave it to him. He loved it. It is very sturdy and well made. It is a good size, too. He liked every thing about it.

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I liked this product. It was a little nicer than the usual Swiss Army line, and I mean nicer in the sense of "visual presence". I've used everything on it, and the only issue I've had was that it was a little tight on space to use the bottle opener- but outside of that it was great. I've gotten a lot of comments about it. Great little gemstone, and the etching was the cherry on top.

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