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Men In Cities Set of Three Socks - Blue & Grey Men In Cities Set of Three Socks - Green

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Looking for more conversation-starting accessories? Try the Men in Cities two-tone bead bracelet.

Men In Cities

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If your socks aren’t starting conversations, they aren’t working hard enough for you. These sets of slim and comfortable two-tone foot-warmers come in two different dialogue-initiating patterns. One is printed with legendary moments in the history of Rock & Roll: November 21, 1955, the day Elvis signed to RCA; February 7, 1964, the day the Beatles landed in America (two days ahead of their Ed Sullivan performance); and July 20, 1965, when Bob Dylan released “Like a Rolling Stone.” The other comes with the word green printed in three different languages—French, Italian, and Japanese.

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Made of 100% cotton, these everyday dress socks will usher your feet around in comfort and class, like mini tour buses for your feet.

100% cotton

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Nice socks...

These are nice quality socks... and while no one has yet to see the dates (they are pretty high up the socks) - I think they are cool... and I guess that's what matters.

They are kinda pricey considering the date is so high up the leg.

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