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Want a more retro-classic style with the same sweet functionality? Take a look at the [Sunpocket II]product:12608).


Birchbox Breakdown

It’s a sad reality of sunglasses shopping: Sturdiness and durability tend to be directly proportional to overall dweebiness. Meanwhile, the freshest pairs often prove too delicate to play outside. Thankfully, these translucent blue shades bend the rules with the help of a few ingenious hinges. Their collapsible construction allows them to tuck neatly—and safely—into a breast pocket or knapsack when they aren’t resting on your nose.

How it Works

Deep blue lenses offer 100% UV protection for your eyes, while durable polycarbonate ensures your shades have a long lifespan. The killer app: At night, indoors, or on the go, they can be collapsed to the size of a deck of cards.

How to Use

Fold the sunglasses at the hinges located on the bridge and on the arms of the frames. When the sun comes back out, unfurl and commence outdoor fun.

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