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Feel the need to go slimmer still? Ride the razor’s edge with a J. Fold Card Carrier.

J. Fold

Birchbox Breakdown

Gentlemen, a wallet doesn’t get any nattier than this. Conceived at the border of style and slimness, this bifold packs a full range of cards into a durable, ultrathin design. Its textured exterior looks great, lasts forever, and—with an eye-catching pattern that puts a twist on classic leather—will never get lost in a crowd.

How it Works

Made from 100% leather, this bifold will age like your grandfather’s wallet, though a bold outdoor pattern ensures that it stands apart. Its slimmed-down design sports an impressive storage capacity: Six card slots, two interior pouches, and a full-size cash pocket ensure that everything is accounted for.

How to Use

While this stylish accessory has more than enough room to serve as your everyday wallet, it’s also well suited to lightweight travel excursions.

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