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Switch things up with Terrapin Crow A6 Note Cards.

Terrapin Stationers Stag A6 Note Cards

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Birchbox Breakdown

When you have 50 ways to send a message, your stationery speaks louder than words. These engraved note cards add the right touch of gravity to your missives or memos, whether you’re writing the Great American Love Letter, or a thank you note to the folks next door. Finely engraved emblems and vintage kraft envelopes turn the act of reading into a bona fide experience. Because no one ever pinned your Snapchat to their bulletin board.

How to Use

This set of top-shelf stationery comes with six white stock notecards, engraved with a stag for a classic Old World aesthetic. Six kraft envelopes help your message travel in style.

natural white stock, kraft envelopes

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Thick, creamy quality stationery for both men and women

Previously unfamiliar with Terrapin Stationers, I was drawn to the letterpressed stag, which called to mind beloved musical pieces from college (Palestrina's Sicut cervus, Howells' Like as the hart, the carol "O my dier hert"); I also appreciated that the image related to my running and Greek mythology (Actaeon; Diana/Artemis), of which I was fond as a child. I have used the stationery twice now for letter-writing, and I appreciated the notecards' size, thickness (no ink bleeds through), and the kraft paper envelope's sturdiness and dimensions (perfect for embossed addresses and vintage stamps tailored to the recipients' interests). I also appreciate the cheeky, modern-yet-vintage-inspired aesthetic of Terrapin and its commitment to classic, enduring letterpress products. I look forward to ordering more in the future!

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