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Keep your beard tame when you’re out and about with Beardbrand’s portable Pocket Comb.


Birchbox Breakdown

G.B. Kent & Sons has been making quality brushes and combs since 1777. So when the hirsute fanatics at Beardbrand were (ahem) combing through their options for essential grooming tools, a partnership with the storied brand was a foregone conclusion. This princely comb features sawcut teeth for detangling gnarly knots, and a polished, marble-smooth finish that will make it an instant heirloom.

How it Works

This handcrafted comb measures 6.9 inches in length, and features both fine and coarse teeth to handle thick and thin beards with equal aplomb. Each groove is sawcut and carefully polished, letting it glide through your whiskers with ease.

How to Use

Once or twice daily, run this comb through your beard and hair to train growing strands, and to avoid any resemblance to a train-hopping vagabond.

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